the alignment assessment


This Alignment Assessment is the check-in you need to identify which areas of your life are out of Alignment. Through forty-two questions addressing your romantic relationships, decision-making, speaking up and taking up space, emotions, boundaries, saying no, how you relate to your body and much more, this is an investment in your current and future well-being. If you know something’s off, or you know some things could be better, but you just don’t know where to start, this is perfect for you. As I lead you through what Alignment feels like, and what lack of Alignment feels like, every question is an opportunity for you to deepen your connection to yourself and the life you really want. The Assessment is then divided in six results, each containing a different coaching exercise meant to give you the tools to feel better right now, and be in Alignment as soon as possible.

  • To know what Aligmment feels like to you,

  • To stay in Alignment as much as possible,

  • To start creating the life you really want,

  • To allow yourself to want what you really want,

  • To feel good right now, right where you are,

  • To step more into who you are.


option 1: take the alignment assessment alone - 19$

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alignment assessment

Forty two questions and six different results with six coaching exercises that will help you.

The Assessment alone is a great way for you to get in touch with where you’re at right now, and identify the areas of your life that are out of Alignment. Knowing where you’re out of Alignment allows you to work on being in Alignment again. And the six coaching exercises you get in the results really help you do that. This is a perfect starting point if you’re experiencing symptoms of Lack of Alignment:

  • Unfulfilling jobs or difficulty choosing a career,

  • Dissatisfying relationships + repeating the same patterns,

  • Lack of self-trust,

  • Feeling emotionally, physically and psychologically out of balance,

  • Experiencing intense highs + lows,

  • Having the occasional thought that there might be something wrong with you,

  • Having certain symptoms of depression such as: irritability, resentment, lack of aliveness or purpose, fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed by simple tasks.


option 2: pair the alignment assessment with a group coaching call - 39$


alignment assessment + group coaching call

If you want to identify the areas where you’re out of Alignment, and you want help:

  • Applying the exercises to your life,

  • Understanding Alignment and how essential it is to being who you are and getting what you want,

  • Navigating the delicate symptoms of Lack of Alignment, and understanding how much time it takes to change your life and really shift how you feel in the long term.

Through this 90 minute coaching call, I’ll answer your questions about Alignment and how it relates to you. We’ll do the exercises together, and we’ll discuss what you can expect from Alignment if you do choose to do this work. I’ll share with you my story, and how Alignment really shifted everything for me. This call is meant to support you as you begin to explore where you’re out of Alignment and what you can do to finally feel good about who you are and where you’re going.


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