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Alignment essentials - group coaching course


A course for women who want to learn how to make Alignment a part of their lives,

So that they can:

  • Be themselves again,

  • Know and ask for what they want, and

  • Replace stress with ease and certainty.

Why is this Alignment work so important to me, and why do I think every woman needs to learn its essential practices?

Alignment is what allows us to trust the voice within ourselves. It’s what allows us to know who we are and what we want.


what’s included?

Five Group Coaching Calls:

  1. Meet + Greet: This is where we’ll meet each other, discuss what you’re looking forward to, and I’ll answer any questions you may have before we begin. 

  2. Emotional Reconnection: This is where I’ll teach you the tools you need to reconnect with your emotional self and your inner wisdom. You will receive readings and worksheets along with each tool. 

  3. Self-Care Plan: This is where I’ll walk you through the creation of your own Self-Care Plan, where we’ll take into consideration the roles you play, your specific needs and the season you’re in right now. You’ll have worksheets and a final plan to fill out. 

  4. Thought Work: This is where I’ll be teaching you how to raise your standards of expectation and how thought work is essential to being in Alignment. You’ll receive valuable resources, worksheets and a recommended reading. 

  5. Final Call: This is where I’ll answer any questions and do live coaching, offering examples of how the tools and practices apply to you. 

How much is the course?

This course if $595 CAD, and payment plans are available.


Through our calls together, I’ll share with you the tools that will allow you to reconnect with your emotional self and your inner voice. I will teach you the self-care practices that will allow you to navigate every area of your life in a way that takes into consideration your specific roles, needs and temperament. We’ll make sure you leave with a Self-Care plan that you can adapt to the different seasons of your life. And then, we’ll cover everything you need to know about thought work, so that you can start feeling aligned as soon as possible.

one of my clients says…

Elisabeth-Ann has coached me 1 on 1 several times. She has a kind and calming presence and is easy to talk to -- I find myself saying much more than I expected in each session. She is a great listener and provides excellent feedback. She has a way of taking all my ramblings and distilling them down to a few salient thoughts/ideas to explore. The last time we spoke I found myself very unexpectedly getting emotional and tearing up because she had gotten to the heart of something I had been feeling very strongly about and hadn't even realized. I believe she is passionate about her work and helping people to feel and be their best. To put it simply, she is a great coach! - Catherine S. from Florida

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After completing my Life Coach Training with the Martha Beck Institute in 2017, I started coaching women one on one. As I coached them and helped them navigate what they were going through, I noticed many issues were recurrent. I realized that these women kept reliving the same issues because the root of the problem was their lack of self-trust and Alignment. They didn’t have clear guidance around who they were and what they wanted. This prevented them from asking for what they really wanted (because they truly didn’t know) and so they kept tolerating similar situations, careers and relationships that were not truly aligned with who they really were and what they really wanted. After noticing this pattern, I made it my mission to find a way to empower these women with the right tools and practices, so that they could finally learn to trust themselves again and finally be in Alignment.


 If you have any questions or if you’d like to connect, you can join one of my Free Group Coaching Calls by clicking right here.