If you have any questions before purchasing the ALIGNMENT OVER PERFECTION Light, head on over to my Instagram page to ask your questions and connect with me. I hope that if and when you do purchase this program, you will do so out of certainty and excitement, as an investment in yourself and your potential for joy.

  • Reconnect with yourself through emotional awareness.

  • Minimize daily stress with a Self-Care Action Plan.

  • Move past your blocks by working through your thoughts.

ALIGNMENT OVER PERFECTION is so appealing because it takes fully into consideration your deepest wishes and longings, your values a priorities, your emotions, feelings and any patterns you have. It adapts fully to who you and and what you want deep down.

ALIGNMENT isn’t about expectations, it’s about ease and excitement and freedom. It allows people to get to know the real you, and it allows you to feel good enough as you are. It allows you to develop self-esteem through self-acceptance, because you know you can be yourself.

ALIGNMENT takes into consideration the natural shifts and seasons of your life, and how each of us has different needs.

ALIGNMENT is about honoring our specific roles, our unique temperaments, our natural abilities, talents, gifts and personalities.

ALIGNMENT feels like being completely in sync with the life you’ve always wanted to have and the person you’ve always wanted to be.

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  • The Body Compass (a tool adapted from Martha Beck)

  • The Emotional Scale

  • The Self-Care Plan

  • The Work of Byron Katie

The light version of the ALIGNMENT OVER PERFECTION program is made up of four powerful tools that aim to shift how you think and feel, and allow you to reconnect with who you are and create a life you love. This light version is a selection of tools from the intensive version. I wanted to create an affordable option that was available to every woman. As an individual coaching program, it allows you to do the work on your own, in your own time, And you have the whole program available for the rest of your life, for you to re-use on a regular or seasonal basis.


I believe in the life-changing power of writing reflections, which is why every tool comes along with worksheets. The worksheets are to be printed as many times as you need, or can be used as directions if you want to do the work in a separate notebook. I created the worksheets from scratch because I wanted you to be able to structure your work in a way that made it easy to keep track of where you were along the program and to keep track of how far you’ve come.


When you purchase the light version of the ALIGNMENT OVER PERFECTION program, you become a member of the light community, which makes you eligible for the Light Community Calls. Included in the light version of the program is a Light Community Call, which allows you to ask questions, get coached live and hear other women share their stories and insights about the program.