An Aligned Life #2: Natural Feeling

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What I’m thinking about this week…

I have always had a very fixed idea of what it feels like to look like myself. By that I mean what “look” feels most like me. I can’t remember when I started wearing makeup, but I always have, at least that’s what it feels like to me. My mother has always worn makeup, and I’ve always loved it. I also worked and trained as a makeup artist for a couple of years.

But I’ve realized this past week that I feel most like myself when I have nothing on. I was doing some coaching exercises this week about how I wanted to feel now and in a few years. And what surprised me, as I imagined my life in a few years as a new mother, was that I really wanted to feel natural with my kids. That’s the beauty I really love. For them to be able to kiss my naked face.

And it’s not that I don’t want to look put together. I love getting dressed and doing my hair. But my bare face just feels like such a wonderful gift to myself. I feel seen, I feel real and I feel beautiful. I feel like me. And I notice that this feeling is what I’m looking forward to. And it’s feeling a lot like alignment. It is my hope that in a few years, once I’m working at my own rhythm in my business, once I feel more grounded and free in my life, I’ll be able to settle in to that feeling. I’ll be able to show up even more as myself.

I don’t think makeup and beauty products will ever go away for me. I say that just because I naturally light up when I’m around them. And lighting up and having fun is a clear sign of alignment. But it is my hope to lean more towards a natural lifestyle. A lifestyle closer to my natural self, both in how I feel on a daily basis and in how my appearance will reflect that.

Right now, as I’m still working my day job, I feel kind of stuck between four walls, which doesn’t feel natural for me. But this natural feeling that I’m looking forward to is the feeling of a new season. A deepening in my relationship with myself, manifesting as softer self-love and a daily life that is more natural to me and my temperament. That really feels like alignment to me.

And I am surprised, because I never thought I would look forward to the day when I could stop wearing makeup as a way to feel more like myself. But sometimes alignment surprises us, and I think we have to let it. To trust the feelings of ease, freedom and excitement. To revel in the feeling of being just a little more ourselves.

Let me know what that brings up for you,