An Aligned Life #4: Saying No

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This week I’m thinking about…

Saying no when something feels out of alignment. I realize that we have the option to react and act in alignment or to stay out of alignment and stuff down our feelings.

There’s a clarification I’d like to make about alignment. The thing is, it’s not about being happy all the time (although you are happy more of the time). It’s about being connected to what’s true for you and so, when difficult situations arise, dealing with them accordingly.

I have been in very uncomfortable situations. Like you, I have been faced with the choice to either speak up for myself or stuff down how I was feeling. But through Alignment, the way I have dealt with them always felt right, although I definitely wasn’t feeling happy.

We will be faced with hard choices and difficult situations. How we approach them, and how connected we are to ourselves, will dictate how we feel walking away from them. For example, I have had to say very difficult no’s. I have had to make incredibly hard decisions for my own wellbeing, while knowing some people wouldn’t understand. I have had to stand up for myself and ask that my feelings be considered, and that I be treated correctly. And every moment was hard, but because I was in Alignment, the outcome didn’t matter as much as knowing that I had stayed true to myself and my feelings.

Approaching difficult situations and hard conversations with Alignment has helped me feel more comfortable leaning into them, and it has made me more confident about speaking up and asking for what I need.

Lastly, what I love about Alignment is that it’s not about keeping the peace with other people at any cost. It’s about keeping the peace within ourselves as much as possible.

So here’s to us, navigating our lives in a powerful way.