An Aligned Life #5: The Right Time

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This week I’m thinking about…

There’s a lesson that I keep relearning in different areas of my life, and it’s this:

If you have to rush anything, or push it to happen, and it feels like it’s not falling into place without effort, it might not be the right timing.

I always notice when I’m out of Alignment, but sometimes I only realize after I’ve acted out of Alignment. And I know I was out of Alignment by how I was feeling and by the results I get: when I’m aligned, actions are easy and almost effortless. This is when I am the most productive, and when I get the most pleasing results. When I’m out of Alignment, there’s a lot of rushing, trying and forcing. When I’m in that state, the results of my actions are honestly not worth that much. I usually have to start over again when I’m in Alignment.

And this is not to say that there is no work necessary when you’re in Alignment. It’s just that the energy of the work you’re putting in is much different: it’s fun, it’s natural, and the pieces tend to fall together perfectly.

So this week I’m learning to wait until it’s the right time to take action. I’m learning to wait until my energy is aligned, so that the results I get are really what I’m aiming for.

In this case, I don’t believe that just done is better. I believe that done in Alignment is the only way to really love the outcome.

So here’s to learning to let the right time come along, and learning to let go in the meantime.