An Aligned Life #6: Big Goals

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This week I’m thinking about…

I’m fascinated with women who choose to name and own their big dreams. So many of us are too afraid of what other people will think, or we’re afraid we won’t be able to follow through, so we choose to stay small.

I have some very inspiring women in my life. Women who believed in themselves, in their ideas and in their capacity. And I know that it’s easy to have doubtful thoughts. To wonder if it’s going to work out. And these women definitely had them, but here’s what they did anyway:

One young woman graduated from a private fashion school (which she paid for herself) as a designer and started her own business and brand. She was one of the only girls in her class to actually start a successful business. I have seen her, now in her fourth year, work tirelessly and dedicate herself to her craft. She hasn’t yet reached the goals she set for herself, but she still followed through and built a whole damn business from the ground up - on her own.

One woman went back to school as an adult for a complete career change, working during the day and studying at night, so she could start her own interior design firm. She worked extremely hard, stayed herself and became known for her expertise in her field. Her career shift was very successful, and she has been working solely in her business for many years.

One young single mother with two young children went back to school to learn a new craft. When she was done, she walked into her ideal place of work and said she wanted to work there. She was hired. Years later, after teaching and winning awards in her craft, she decided to go back to school to learn how to launch her own business. When her business plan was done, she was able to start her own business and leave with all of her clients, keeping all of the revenue she was generating.

Now one thing is for sure: Making the leap and going through the process of making all that work was never easy for these three women. But they persisted, because they had a clear outcome in mind that was more powerful than any doubt they could have. Now, what I love about this is that these three women are examples in my own life. They are close to me. And I have gotten to see their successes but also their struggles.

So when you know what your big goals are, find people in your life who dared to own their dreams and went after them. When we have real, personal examples of what people in our lives can achieve, it gives us the encouragement to start, and to keep going.

Now, what are your big goals?

Elisabeth-Ann Pitt