An Aligned Life #7: Alignment + The Law Of Attraction

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This week I’m thinking about…

This past week I just moved into my dream place with my dream partner. I swear to you, one, two and three years ago I was dreaming of where I am now, of what I have now. I did so much work to clear my limiting beliefs and to become aligned with who I am and what I want. 

It’s made me think about how important it is for us to be precise about what we want and how we want to feel, and to begin expecting them like they’re our new normal. 

I became very much into The Law Of Attraction (precisely Abraham Hicks if you’re curious) these past few years, and this is how it relates to Alignment for me:

  • Knowing who you are + how you feel allows you to know what to ask for/what you want. 

  • Knowing how you want to feel allows you to practice a new vibration that will inevitably attract more of it, because you are raising your standards of expectation. 

  • When you are in Alignment, you want the right things for you, and you’re in the right state to receive them. 

The coaching work comes in when you’re out of Alignment. This is when you can verbalize what you want, but you’re not receiving any of it. When you work on your Alignment, you can go back to asking for more of the right things, all the while loving what is right now. 

I will be offering Free Group Coaching Calls, where we can meet and discuss Alignment as women. There will be live coaching and a Q&A period. If you’re curious about how Alignment relates to you, how it can help you feel more connected and how it can relieve stress, this call is for you. 

Thank you for being here, and I’ll see you next week! 

Elisabeth-Ann Pitt

Here’s an actual photo of us, watching the sunset at a festival here in Quebec after being caught in the rain. :)