An Aligned Life #8: Seasons Of Change

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This week I’m thinking about…

These past weeks after my move, and right in the middle of summer, has really got me thinking about the seasons of our lives that come and go as things change and as we change. I am always reminded, in these periods of change and new seasons of life, of how important it is to notice that our needs change as well.

As a highly sensitive person, my highly sensitive nervous system has very delicate needs, and it’s easily stressed. I know not to push myself when I’m in a period of change or when my routine isn’t stable. I have actually learned that the hard way, because my body speaks to me when I don’t respect my needs. For example, I’ve developed eczema during prolonged periods of stress. I’ve developed migraines due to intense bouts of stress and overwhelm. And when I’m extremely tired or when something really overwhelming happens, I get cold sores.

I know that not everyone gets these kinds of physical symptoms of stress, and I’m aware that my nervous system is more sensitive than most, But what this has pushed my to consider is: “What do I need during this time?” which feels much better than ignoring how I feel and trying to force myself to push through.

To be compassionate with ourselves this way gives us the space to feel safe, which definitely contributes to improving how we feel. Even during times of stress.

What have you needed lately?

Until next week,

Elisabeth-Ann Pitt