Lack Of Alignment

lack of alignment.png

Lack of Alignment (aka disconnection from self) shows up as:

  • Having unfulfilling jobs or difficulty choosing a career.

  • Dissatisfying relationships + repeating the same negative patterns.

  • Lack of self-trust, such as wondering if you said or did the right thing.

  • Feeling emotionally, physically and psychologically out of balance.

  • Experiencing intense highs + lows.

  • Having the occasional thought that there might be something wrong with you.

  • Having certain symptoms of depression such as: irritability, resentment, lack of aliveness or purpose, fatigue, and feeling overwhelmed by simple tasks.

The path for healing starts with:

  • Emotional Reconnection.

  • Rekindling Unconditional Self-Trust.

  • Shifting Your Standards Of Expectation.

  • Thought Work.