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An Aligned Life #8: Seasons Of Change

This week I’m thinking about…

These past weeks after my move, and right in the middle of summer, has really got me thinking about the seasons of our lives that come and go as things change and as we change. I am always reminded, in these periods of change and new seasons of life, of

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An Aligned Life #2: Natural Feeling

What I’m thinking about this week…

I have always had a very fixed idea of what it feels like to look like myself. By that I mean what “look” feels most like me. I can’t remember when I started wearing makeup, but I always have, at least that’s what it feels like to me. My mother has always worn makeup, and I’ve always loved it. I also worked and trained as a makeup artist for a couple of years.

But I’ve realized this past week that I feel most like myself when I have nothing on. I was doing some coaching exercises this week about how I wanted to feel now and in a few years. And what surprised me…

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