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class 3: what the f*ck is going on? when change needs to happen and it sucks.

We would all like everything to stay nice and comfortable, all of the time, please and thank you. But the reality is that, pardon my french,

life is going to f*ck us over whether we like it or not.

But despair not, curling up in fetal position is not the only way to deal with crisis when something in your life happens, changes or disturbs your carefully thought-out plans.

When we’re prepared for upcoming change, we can ease into the change without disturbing our sanity too much. That’s not why you’re here.

why you’re here

you’re here for those moments in your life when it feels like everything that could come crashing down just did, and all you can do is stare into blank space, barely remember to feed yourself, and when smiling to strangers or trying to act normal are absolutely out of the question. those are the moments when you definitely feel like you’re going mad, and we all have them. some of us more than others, but more on that during class.

how i help

  • we prepare you for those scary moments by explaining the normal stages of change. what you can expect, how it will change you (at least for a little bit), how you can expect to feel, what boundaries to put in place and what needs not to forget when shit hits the fan.

  • we clean out the sources of chaos in your life. no joke, life already has enough normal challenges, that you don’t need people (or things) in your life hyping up the drama and sending your emotions and your nervous system in a downward spiral.

what you get

learn some tools and daily practices, get it straight up from me and let me know your story so we can keep you sane and get you ready to face change, whatever sh*t life has coming at you.