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In these calls we’ll be talking about what Alignment is, and how important it is for us women. You will get to ask any questions you may have during a Q&A period and I will be leading some of you through three coaching questions that will allow you to identify where you’re out of Alignment.

Would you like to discuss what it’s like to find alignment as a woman?

We all have our unique stories, but we all have similar experiences. One thing is for sure, as women we wish to find Alignment in who we are. We want beautiful lives that reflect our true purpose and that respond to our delicate set of needs. With all the pressures that surround every role we play, it may be hard for us to find some balance and prioritize our needs at the same time.

This Coaching Call is meant to connect you with other women who are having similar experiences as you are, and who are trying to deal with the daily stress that comes with being a woman. We’ll cover what Alignment feels like and how you can slowly transition into a more connected, heart-centered way of navigating your life.

This call is for you if…

  • You’re curious about Alignment,

  • You feel disconnected from your true self, and/or

  • You’re really not sure what you want.

  • You would love to know that you’re not alone feeling this way,

  • You’re considering joining my Alignment Essentials Course.

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Who am I?

My name is Elisabeth-Ann Pitt. I’ve been coaching since 2017 and my mission is to empower women with the tools they need to create lives that honor who they really are and what they really want. My work is centered around Alignment, because it teaches women how to trust and listen to their inner voice, which is essential to create a life we are deeply satisfied with.



Elisabeth-Ann has coached me 1 on 1 several times. She has a kind and calming presence and is easy to talk to -- I find myself saying much more than I expected in each session. She is a great listener and provides excellent feedback. She has a way of taking all my ramblings and distilling them down to a few salient thoughts/ideas to explore. The last time we spoke I found myself very unexpectedly getting emotional and tearing up because she had gotten to the heart of something I had been feeling very strongly about and hadn't even realized. I believe she is passionate about her work and helping people to feel and be their best. To put it simply, she is a great coach!

- Catherine S. from Florida