one on one coaching

One On One Coaching is specifically for the women who want to drastically change how they feel through Alignment. It’s for women who are ready to do the work in a proactive way, and who want to experience results fast. This type of coaching work is for the women who will show up ready to do the work, ready to learn, ready to question their own limiting beliefs, and ready to change. One On One Coaching requires that my clients take themselves, their results, and this work seriously. It truly is a time, money and energy investment. I need to know that they are ready to do this work.

More precisely, One On One Coaching is for the woman who wants to get her Alignment work done directly with me. Because Alignment touches every part of a woman’s life, our One On One work allows us to identify precisely where you’re out of Alignment. Overall, this work is for the woman who feels a disconnection in her life. She feels that her present situations, thoughts and patterns don’t reflect the woman she wants to be, and aren’t leading her towards the life she wants.