My Why


My why has always been very clear, I just wasn’t very sure about the how. I always knew I wanted to help women feel good enough as themselves, I just didn’t really know how I would go about doing that. At first I went at it with the simplistic solutions: makeup artistry and image consulting. I was also very much into the health and exercise lifestyle (the gym was my second home). But these methods always felt hollow, like there was something missing. Makeup, styling and being in good shape only got me so far. Unresolved issues and a happiness that is circumstantial cannot promote emotional well-being and life satisfaction. I couldn’t find happiness for myself in these simplistic solutions, so I delved deeper. This is when I found Martha Beck. Her life coaching tools really helped me figure out why I was so unhappy, and how I could question my thoughts and beliefs so that they served me instead of causing me suffering. I found that Life Coaching was a thing and after working through the limiting belief that I wasn’t good enough to do it, I signed up for the training.


My Story


During the training I was asked to identify my ideal client. Considering my own suffering with body image, weight and self-esteem, it became very clear to me that this is where my work was needed. My lowest point was a year of thoughts so obsessive I believe I was anorexic. I also found out a very close friend of mine had been suffering with bulimia for years and I had never known. I thought of her suffering in silence, and I thought of my younger self looking for approval in all the wrong places, and I thought of all the other women struggling silently with these same issues, and I knew there was space for me to do this work. Wherever our issues stem from, we have all known the feeling of not being good enough. I found my way out of suffering with deep work, with the help of Martha’s coaching tools and training. I still coach myself continually, always remaining a student, open to learning more. I believe that’s how to better serve myself and my clients. I know that there is tremendous freedom and peace to be found, and it’s as simple as knowing which questions to ask. I realize that my personal experiences, paired with the training I acquired as a coach, can benefit women who experience similar feelings that I have.



There are various methods used in the programs. Some were acquired through the Martha Beck Life Coach Training and some were developed through personal experience. The Work of Byron Katie is an important part of the program. To learn more, visit