Why are my programs for every woman?

Essentially, my light and intensive programs aim to offer women tools to free themselves from the negative thoughts and beliefs they have about not being enough, about their bodies, their relationships, and any other area of their lives causing any degree of suffering. The approach is to directly change the way every woman experiences and sees her life, considering that circumstances, life events and other people will never always be perfectly aligned to prevent stress, discomfort or any other negative feelings. This approach empowers women to take responsibility for their own experience instead of deferring their life satisfaction on things they cannot control. My programs are for every woman who wants to feel peace around who she is and who wants to feel at home in her body. Essentially, it’s for every woman because every woman at some point has felt that she was either too much or not enough.

How do my programs work?

Belongingness is an essential need all women share: to feel seen, heard and accepted for who we are. I recognize that our desire as women to fit in and be accepted simply reflects a social human need, because without belongingness we suffer. We have simply been misled to believe that “fitting in” is the same as belonging. Belongingness develops through the process of individuation, because only when we can fully be ourselves can we be seen and accepted for who we really are. My programs address this, and so much more.

My programs empower women with tools to question and reframe their limiting thoughts and beliefs. Women then have in hand what they need to foster emotional well-being and life satisfaction in every aspect of their lives. They get to develop a deeper understanding of their complex needs. They then recognize that they have everything within themselves to ensure their own joy and freedom, which also means finally feeling at home in their bodies. The coaching tools are empowering because with them women are not dependent on positive circumstances or external factors anymore. This fosters self-reliance, as women find that they do not need to be, do or have anything more to be loved and accepted.


Group Coaching Program Intensive

The intensive version of the program covers all essential topics pertinent to every woman’s life, including relationships, career and sexuality. Issues of body image and self-esteem are addressed and can finally be healed.


Coaching Program Light

The light version of the program is a selection of tools pertinent to body image issues specifically, giving women accessible tools to develop self-esteem, self-acceptance. and to finally feel at home in their bodies