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Copy of Copy of a coaching program for every woman who wants to feel at home in her body, in her life and as herself..png



  • 30 + Page Workbook (4 Alignment Tools & 12 Worksheets)

  • Free Monthly Q&A’s + Recordings

This individual coaching program has the resources that will allow every woman to reconnect with her emotional self and take care of her complex needs. This, in turn, will allow her to show up differently, to feel better as herself, and so improve the most important aspects of her daily life.




  • 10+ Live Group Calls with Teaching, Live Coaching and Recordings + Notes

  • 3+ Live Intimate Q&A’s, Recordings + Notes

  • 60+ Page Workbook (10+ Alignment Tools & 20+ Worksheets) with Readings, Exercises + Homework

  • Private Community

The women who sign up for this immersive, life-changing group experience will learn everything they need to change how they approach their lives, their decision-making and their emotional selves. They will learn the tools and practices to finally love who they are and trust themselves. Through Alignment, they will finally be able to do work they love, to feel the love they deserve and finally feel good enough as themselves. They will learn to manage their time, money and energy so that they are directed towards what truly matters to them.