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one on one coaching


who is it for?

One On One Coaching is specifically for women who want to drastically change how they feel through Alignment. It’s for women who are ready to do the work in a proactive way, and who want to experience results fast. This type of coaching work is for the women who will show up ready to do the work, ready to learn, ready to question their own limiting beliefs, and ready to change. One On One Coaching requires that my clients take themselves, their results, and this work seriously. It truly is a time, money and energy investment. I need to know that they are ready to do this work.

More precisely, One On One Coaching is for the woman who wants to get her Alignment work done directly with me. Because Alignment touches every part of a woman’s life, our One On One work allows us to identify precisely where you’re out of Alignment. Overall, this work is for the woman who feels a disconnection in her life. She feels that her present situations, thoughts and patterns don’t reflect the woman she wants to be, and aren’t leading her towards the life she wants.

what is the coaching process like?

the intake process

The Coaching Relationship first begins with an Intake Process. The Intake Process is comprised of an Intake Form and an Intake Call. Upon booking your Intake Call, you will be given a form to fill out so that I can get to know you before the call. This way, I can have a good idea for what you’re in need of, and we can hit the ground running when we begin the call. The form also allows you to address any questions or concerns you may have. After the Intake Process, we’ll be able to see if we’re a good fit. And if we are, we can proceed to scheduling our first session.

the first session

During our first session we’ll identify your specific needs and goals, and then we’ll set a specific Session Plan. Your Session Plan will include, based upon my evalutation of your Alignment needs, the projected duration of the Coaching Contract. This is where we commit to the number of sessions needed to reach your goals and meet your Alignment needs.

the coaching sessions

During our sessions, I will teach you the specific tools and practices that will help you meet your specific goals and your Alignment needs. I will assign worksheets and exercises that will keep you accountable between our sessions. As we progress through the Session Plan, we will continually reevaluate to make sure we’re on track for you to experience the change you’re looking for.


alignment coaching

When you begin to do this work, you will experience many shifts and changes in how you feel and in how you approach life. You will gain a better way of navigating life. A way that is heart-centered, that takes your specific needs and wants into consideration. As you gain tools and daily practices, you develop a stronger sense of self-worth and self-trust. You begin to feel more empowered and more justified in meeting your own needs and in asking for what you want. You begin to respect how you want to feel. Alignment is necessary for women to learn to trust themselves and to honor who they are. It is through Alignment that we learn to listen to the voice within ourselves, and through the tools and practices that we learn to implement those changes in our lives for lasting change. What you can expect, among many other things, is a renewed hope for ease and freedom. You can expect to have better, more fulfilling and deeper relationships. You can expect to feel clarity and purpose around your work and your career. You can begin to feel a sense of simplicity and happiness as you go about your daily life. But truly, Alignment is about becoming the woman you’ve always wanted to be. It’s about knowing what you want and knowing how you want to feel, and raising your standards of expectation. It’s about being very intentional about what gets to take up your time and energy. I believe Alignment is the solution for many women who lost their time, their energy, and even lost themselves while trying to figure out who they were, what they wanted and what they were supposed to do.


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